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Installing a HomeSeer Z-Wave Smart Dimmer

When you first start exploring home automation, you may already have several smart devices in your home, such as a thermostat, smart speaker, or door locks. Quite often the leap into actual home automation happens when people want to start controlling their lights. There are several different ways and technologies to consider before making a decision on your approach. Recently I purchased a new home which essentially gives me a clean slate on this front. In my previous home I… Read More

Triggering Events with the Flic Smart Button

At some point in your home automation journey, you will want to trigger events for something that doesn’t have a switch, or button in your home. One example of this would be controlling Spotify from something other than your phone, with something like a Flic – Smart Bluetooth Button. The cool thing about Flic buttons is that they’re battery powered and you can put them anywhere as long as you have a flat surface to stick them to. For home… Read More

Controlling Spotify Through Home Assistant

Several years ago, I abandoned my locally stored MP3 collection for Spotify’s multi-device cloud solution. Unknown to me at the time, my switch would one day open an array of options for controlling playback and routing my music through a variety of devices. But why would I want to control my music through Home Assistant? The reason I personally wanted to was because of all those scenarios where you want to change the song… while cooking, doing dishes, showering, or… Read More